Restarts by itself, display sometimes work and sometimes not

Hello there,

I have a problem with two iphone 5C. I replaced the display and it worked fine in one, so after one day the person came and said that it restart by itself every 5 minutes or sometimes even every 3 hours, so i tried to figured out if any flex was not well connected but all they were. I replace another display and then i had the black screen. Now I install the original display and it works but it keeps restarting but itself, I updated it, restored it and I don´t know what else to do !

Does anyone have any idea ??

The other iphone 5c has a similar problem, I returned it and then customer came back and display was half video and half black, so i tried to replace the display and when i test them they seem to work fine, but after all I put all things together and I turn on the iphone the black screen comes on ! I have tried this with 6 screens and I put back the original one and now its working, but does anyone know why?

I hope you guys can help me out because I don´t know if I will have to pay this phones or should I trying with something else !

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