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The Vengeance M65 is an enthusiast-grade laser gaming mouse with premium responsiveness, FPS-optimized design, and superior control.

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Mom pulled cable need help!

so ill just skip to the point my mom ripped the cable out of the mouse, and i can see 3 out 4 of the raw cables out and a bit of the 4th hiding inside the plastic so i need help with how to fix it or i mostly need help on how to open it. I can solder the cables but i just need help on opening the rest of the mouse without breaking it. (my warranty expired so i cant replace it)

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There's actually a disassembly guide right here on iFixit!

After taking it apart, of course you'll need to strip the wires and re-solder them on.

Disassembling Corsair Vengeance M65 Mouse Body

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