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Airport/Bluetooth Combo Card for Mac Mini A1176

I have a Mac Mini A1283 that was damaged in a lightening strike. If possible, I would like to use its parts to upgrade my Mac Mini A1176. What parts are interchangeable? For instance, can I install the Airport/Bluetooth Combo Card on the A1176?

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Hello Solaris Good day, I couldn't really tell you if the parts would be interchangeable, but the thing I usually do its to literally try in action, nothing should really explode or damage as far as you don't short circuit something, as for your A1283, when you mean lightning how bad damaged it is ? that it exploded into pieces and the motherboard processor memory fried ? or maybe just the power supply fried ? maybe your mac mini survived with no trouble and just your power supply fried :/ maybe worth to give a try ?

I use normally Powermedic to see compatibility parts, having the computer in front of you you can more easyly do this research:

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