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Released December 2008.

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Freezing Unresponsive seems to be a common problem.

I know around six people that have this phone including me.

All of them claim the device has frozen and become unresponsive without warning, I got mine a few months after them and haven't had the problem once.

Could this be a firmware problem with the older models?

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I tried updating the firmware on one of there phones and found that I was a version behind so I updated both phones.

His still froze and mine worked fine(Update added social networking application)

I'll see if if I can talk one of them into trying a reset. The only other difference between their phones and mine is that they all have microSD cards but I have yet to get one.

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there were many firmware problems with this phone. but as always on those kind of phones - there are also external problems - apps, games and other crap can sometimes render those phones useless.

you should check (there are many different versions for this phone, if you find nothing on the lg site, use google and you find your update)

one common thing about phones - resetting them helps most of the time - kick all the crap out and the device works ;-)

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this should be a problem with the touch screen.

I have this problem too and I found that there 's some liquid inside the touchscreen and I believe that's the problem.

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I too am having an issue with this phone (LG KP500) where the touch screen does not work. The only things I can do with the phone is charge it, turn the ring volume up/down and take pictures: rarely - and this is difficult at best. I have tried a firmware update, but it is not possible with the touchscreen as it is. If there is a way to get in there I'd gladly appreciate you sharing. BTW, when the USB is connected it is in music sync...please help!

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