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Modelo A1278 / 2.26 o 2.53 GHz Procesador Core 2 Duo EMC 2326 de mediados de 2009

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What's wrong with my logic board?

Hey. I recently got a broken MacBook Pro 13" 2009 model. When the charger was in, an orange dot was displayed, as usual. However, the laptop wouldn't turn on at all. I tried the battery on a different macbook pro and it worked a little. It couldn't really hold any charge, but if I kept it plugged in pretty much all the time, then it was functional. I also tested the HDD separately and it worked fine.

So I thought it may be something to do with the logic board. I took it out, soaked it in 91% isopropyl alcohol, scrubbed it well, and then let it dry for a while. I then cleaned off the old thermal paste and added new paste and put everything back in. After all this, it still wont turn on. The keyboard ribbon looks like it may be slightly damaged (it was extremely hard to get it), but other than that the inside of the computer looks really nice (no obvious signs of corrosion, but then again my eye is pretty untrained).

The guy who sold me the laptop told me he spilt coke (I think it was coke) on it. He said it worked for three more weeks, then stopped working.

My question is, do you think this is something fixable, or should I just sell this for parts at this point. Also, I am considering the 'baking the logic board' idea that I've seen around. Any thoughts?


Here is a link to the specs of the model:

Here are some pictures.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

And another note on the keyboard ribbon cable: it was extremely hard to get in. I don't know how easy it is to see in the picture, but left end of the cable looks almost a bit crumpled.


DC-In board pictures

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Jay S, fixable? May be. This will definitely be a great project. You did the right thing by cleaning it. As you already figured, you will eventually need a new battery "It couldn't really hold any charge, but if I kept it plugged in pretty much all the time, then it was functional.". Next thing would be to give us the last 4 digits of your computers serial number, that will enable us to determine exactly what model you have. It will also make things easier for any hardware issues. Take a couple of pictures and post them with your question. This will help for "The keyboard ribbon looks like it may be slightly damaged," Also, be prepared to take lots of images of your logic board etc. You know those will be necessary to identify certain components. So, let us know what you think. You ready?:-)

- de

I posted the pictures. Let me know if more are needed.

- de

Thanks for the pictures. Yes, your cable definitely is chewed up and will need to be replaced. Your board looks pretty good judging by your images. I would start by checking the fuses. I will mark those on a separate image and post it as an update with my original answer. If the fuses check out okay, replace the DC-in board.

- de

I checked the fuses. They were both functional. I updated the post with pictures of the DC-in board. I also think it is worth mentioning that the battery life checker on the side works.

- de

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Jay S, first try what Apple suggest:"

Quick Check

Symptom Quick Check

No Power / Dead Unit

• No power

• No image

• No startup chime

• No fan or hard drive spin

• No reset sound from optical drive

• No sleep LED activity

• No light if Caps Lock pressed

• Non-operational

1. Verify AC power presence with MagSafe LED indicating on or charge state.

2. Verify battery status as being at least partly charged, and charging with AC power.

3. Reset SMC.

4. If any of the previous steps have restored power, run Battery Diagnostic Utility.

Deep Dive

Check Result Action Code

1. Isolate peripherals as cause. Disconnect all peripherals and external devices and verify unit


Yes Suspect peripherals as cause.

Reconnect each one at a time, verifying unit operation as external device is reinstalled.

No Go to step 2.

2. Reset SMC and verify unit starts. (Alternative hardware SMC reset can be forced by disconnecting for 1 minute AC and battery to remove all system power.) Can system start up after SMC reset?

Yes Corrupt SMC state preventing power on. Issue resolved with SMC reset.

No Go to step 3.

3. Will system power up with battery only? Check battery level LED indicator for status of battery charge or battery use error. Inspect battery connector for burn marks or damaged pins if substituting a known-good battery to verify starting on battery.

Yes System can start up from known-good battery -- user battery possibly at fault or needs to be charged. Continue to verify user battery then AC adapter use and battery charging.

Go to step 4.

No System will not power using known-good battery only.

Go to step 5

4. User battery may be run down, or not recognized. Verify user battery in a known good system is recognized and accepting a charge. Confirm user battery is not consumed nor defective.

Yes Battery is recognized, charging and health is good. Return to test unit with user battery and AC adapter power.

Go to step 6.

No Replace user battery for not charging or not recognized. User to purchase a replacement battery if consumed.

5. Inspect battery cable connection at logic board and reseat if necessary. Replace cable if found damage or burned. Can the system power on from a charged battery with battery cable inspections or replacement?

Yes Battery power restored, return to test unit with user battery and AC adapter power.

Go to step 6.

No Logic board is expected to power on with battery only. Inspect and test power button.

Go to step 10.

6. Inspect MagSafe power adapter. Verify AC adapter is correct wattage, compatible with product and works on known-good computer.

Yes Power adapter is good.

Go to step 7.

No Release stuck pin or replace adapter due to wire damage, not working or burned pins.

7. Inspect MagSafe port on computer for physical damage, debris or metal fragments attracted to magnetic connector. Is MagSafe connector clean and free from defects?

Yes Go to step 8.

No Clean port assembly. Replace MagSafe board if necessary.

8. Verify adapter status LED turns on green then orange indicating power and battery charge in progress.

A green LED can indicate a full battery, removal of battery or battery not recognized.

Yes System starts and has power. MagSafe LED indicates power is flowing to logic board. Verify user battery will also charge. Review battery health to ensure user satisfaction.

No AC power is down or battery is not charging.

Go to step 9.

9. Verify power from adapter is present on logic board. Remove system battery, use AC power only. Reseat or test known-good MagSafe cable to achieve power for logic board.

Yes Logic board has power adapter energy to start system. MagSafe cable reseat or replacement resolved issue.

If still no system power on indications, go to step 10.

No AC adapter power not going to logic board power supplies. Replace logic board.

10. Verify that the conductive foam gasket placed over the camera cable connector does not short any pins of the logic board connector.

Yes Reseat foam gasket to prevent any contact with logic board connector pins.

No Go to step 11.

11. Test and inspect power button on top case. Stuck or open power button or keyboard disconnect can disable power on of system. Does system power on?

If power button does not work, locate Logic Board Power-On Pads (for Mid 2009 or for Mid

2010). Short pads to power up logic board. If power button is stuck, keyboard cable might need to be disconnected first before shorting pads.

Yes Power button functional, issue resolved.

Power button works when keyboard cable is reseated.

Power button appears to be stuck, had to remove keyboard cable to power on. Replace top case for stuck power button.

No No logic board power on when shorting power-on pads. Replace logic board."

so as you can see, something as simple as a bad keyboard cable can be the cause for it:-) so let us know what you find. Water damage is the hardest to fix and trouble shoot, so be prepared for some frustration....:-) Hope this helps, good luck


here are the images with the fuses marked. Also, take a couple good images of your DC-in board and post those. F6905 is underneath your Left speaker assembly. F6905 is a 6A FUSE and F7000 is a 7A Fuse

Block Image

Block Image


Check the voltage on your DC-in board. I marked the points to check. Negative on ground, positive on DC+ and your voltmeter on DC voltage of course. Let us know what you get.

Block Image

further update

check the voltage on these two points.

Block Image

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I tried all of those things to no avail. I updated the post with pictures and a link to the specs, so hopefully you can make something of that. Thanks for the help!

- de

I am getting around 17.15 V. 60 W MagSafe charger

- de

Okay so that would mean your Dc-In board is working.

- de

16.63 for the one on the right and and 17.17 for the other.

- de

sure looks like you are getting power to the board. Let me check the schematic some more and see if we can get to the proper test points.

- de

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