Nokia Lumia Icon is a high-end smartphone that runs Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system. It was released by Nokia February 2014 also known as Nokia Lumia 929.

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Will you guys do a tear down review for the Lumia Icon?

This would be really helpful. There are plenty of tear downs for the 1020 and 1520, however those have access to screws and I can't find any on my device. The Icon is currently the top tier Windows Phone and is identical the the 930, so having a repair manual would be very beneficial.

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Adam, you sure about being identical to the 930? If so, then you can find the service manual right here

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Yes! That's it! Thank you. I'm not sure how he got the back cover off but ill figure it out.


With a suction cup tool, as displayed. Just carefully pull the cover with it and it comes off pretty easily


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