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El PowerMac G5 es un ordenador de escritorio producida por primera vez en 2003 por Apple Corporation. Esta guía revisará el proceso de reparación de un número de modelo Apple PowerMac G5 A1047 EMC 2061 de 2004.

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Power Mac G5 won`t start

After I reset the pmu my G5 mac won`t start .

I just get a light on top of the power on button.

Before it was working fine.

Note: I just pressed the PMU for 30 seconds and my Mac is back to normal.

thank you

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Hey j baez- good job solving your question, however can you please post the solution as an Answer and Accept that so people can see the solution?

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Power Mac G5 (Late 2005)

To reset the SMU on a Power Mac G5 (Late 2005) computer, either use the steps listed above for the Power Mac G5 (Late 2004) or:

1. Turn off the computer by selecting Shut Down from the Apple menu or by holding the power button until the computer turns off.

2. Open and remove both the metallic outer door and the inner plastic air deflector.

3. Remove the fan assembly immediately to the left of the processor module.

4. Press the SMU reset button on the logic board.

5. Replace the fan assembly, air deflector, and outer door.

6. Turn on the computer.

While open test, the 3.6 volt lithium battery.

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Mayer is right, i might add that it's important to press the reset button just once, best with a non condictive tool. Even a plastic toothpick will do.

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I use the eraser end of a pencil

- de

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Original Poster Answers own question

I just pressed the PMU for 30 seconds and my Mac is back to normal.


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I dont have an anwser but actually a question... My G5 shut off after I heard a popping noise. And will not power on... Does anyone know if this is the power supply? Or something? If you could please help that would be great... Thanks


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