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The Toshiba Satellite L300 was a notebook designed and sold by Toshiba that came with a version of Windows Vista force fed. They were sold around May-June 2009 and while ineligible for the free 7 upgrade,time past and upgrades are unclaimable now,run 7 home premium well without upgrades mainly because of Vista's resource hog quality

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Where can I purchase a genuine adapter/charger online for Toshiba L300

My adapter/Charger is not working. I need a new original genuine one to charge my toshiba L300 laptop. I tried asking at various stores in my locality but they did not have it. Can you please tell me where I can buy this online and pay cash on delivery. I am from Goa, India so plz suggest an online store that does delivery to my state.

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Try on eBay.

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Im not sure where your located but in the uk you can purchase genuine chargers from:

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I bought my laptop charger from at great prices and awesome return policies. You can also call them for any queries.

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