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iPhone de cuarta generación. La reparación es sencilla, pero el cristal frontal y la pantalla LCD deben ser reemplazados como una unidad. GSM / 8, 16, o 32 GB de capacidad / Modelo A1332 / Blanco y Negro.

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Frozen, black but still making noise. Reset or restore will not work!

Okay, so I know you're going to suggest the lock/home button, but the problem is my lock button doesn't work.

I bet you're going to say "Well, Meranda just connect it to your computer and restore it." Well bad news, my name doesn't pop up in itunes when I do connect it to my laptop.

This happened yesterday, an app froze so I put it in sleep mode but now it won't turn back on. I thought it was completely broken until I heard a noise indicating that I had an email. I read some things where it suggested I wait until the battery dies, and then try but the thing is I have waited. Surely it wouldn't take that long for it to die, would it?

So with the inability not to do the lock/home button or restore it, do you guys have any other suggestions? Please help me, I will love you forever.

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My advice would be to plug in a new lock button, you don't even have to install it fully. Simply plug it in a try that reset. As an expericanced tech I can tell you that this is a fix for A LOT of things when they start acting buggy. I would also try connecting a screen and see if it is your LCD that has gone out. If you don't want to order a new lock button and try that I would try a battery reset by disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it however you should make sure that you are grounded (ESD safe)

Hope this helps!

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