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Format Gionee Pioneer P2 without touching screen?

I just dropped my phone into the water by mistake :( I just blow dried it only for a couple of seconds and still I couldn't switch it on. then the next day, i could switch it on at least but the touch doesn't work. Ill have to go to the store and ask them to set this. but before that, I just want whatever is there in the phone memory to be deleted. is that possible? can I format my phone without even touching the screen? I dont want the store guy to go thru my personal data or something. can anybody please help me on this?

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This is Android phone. You can factory reset it from the Android System Recovery menu. Usually you can enter this menu by key combination.

Switch off the phone and try: press and hold together - Volume UP + Power ON or Volume Down + Power On or Volume Up + Volume Down + Power On. If you have a camera key, try some combination with it. As you see, the combination must be Someone key + Power On key.

Once you are in the Android Service Recovery menu, with the Volume Up and Volume Down you can choose "wipe data / factory reset". Usually the Power On key is for OK.

You can do this with a PC and ADB Commander too. But the first way is more easy.


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You are so experienced


Mera phone m net on hotae bar bar time service don't aata h


Try to flash the device

You will need SP Flash tool to Flash it

and you can download the file from here



is it also applicable on P3?


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Just check out the working videos in against of it

Gionee P2 Hard Reset

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Gionee P2 Hard Reset

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