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iPhone 4 works/receives calls, screen stays black? No lock button!

Hi there.

Today I picked up my phone to use it and it seems to have froze/crashed on me.

I was accessing the text Messages app and while using it, and the phone froze on me. This has happened briefly in the past in other apps, but for only a split second. This time the phone became unresponsive and the screen was frozen with the messages app up and showing.

I triple clicked home and the accessibility options came up. These options were responding. I was able to go through the different options. I chose 'lock screen' in hopes I could hit the Home button and the screen would show again. No luck, and the screen stays black.

Now the screen is unresponsive. I can receive calls but the screen remains black while ringing. I can plug it into the computer but only Windows recognizes it. iTunes will not. Screen still stays black.

Everything I read mentions someone dropping the phone and something coming lose. Im not sure that would have happened, since it froze right in my hand. I would have held the Home button and Lock button, but my lock button has not worked for sometime now.

Im going to attempt to remove the back and see if i can re-secure any connections, but Im doubtful thats the problem. In the meantime, any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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Give disconnecting the battery a try then plug in the charger to turn the phone

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I let the battery run down, and then plugged it in. That seems to have done the trick.

Its now working normally after the battery died and I've begun charging it.

Thanks again.

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