Smartphone made by the social enterprise with the same name. A first step to making fairer alternatives for phones. Released December 2013.

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Waiting for the answer from the support team at

The problem seems to be around since January 2014 – see (contacting the support recommended:-)

While waiting for an answer from the Fairphone support team, I am searching for possible fixes. Is there a more robust replacement, perhaps with


...and corrections (sorry, folks)

Hi odlturkey03 and thanks, so I've had a look into the Fixit guide disassembly part and do not feel comfortable with getting at it myself. Meanwhile, found a discussion about the weak USB port – Seems to be an unsolved issue... No reaction from the Fairphone support team yet...


P.S. will come back with Fairphone people's answer

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After a few more mails, and sending my phone back again, the Fairphone people fixed all the issues. Hope my phone will last (for a while :-)

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vjrott, you did not tell us what the issues are with your Fairphone. The link you posted suggest some charging issues. You may want to consider checking the micro USB port on your logic board. Follow this guide for a disassembly and check the solder connection as well as the USB port itself. Fairphone sounds like a decent company and let us know what they suggest Hope this helps, good luck.

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I have the same problem and it seems pretty comon.

The conection of the USB port is not stable and now it does not work anymore after working hardly for a while. I know how to open my fairphone but not how to fix the port - I do not have much technical experience and I don`t want to destroy anything important.

I am in Mexico for the next half year and depend on my phone - a simple imagine where the parts of the motherboard are lettered, especially the parts I have to fix, would be very helpful for me. :)


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After some mails with the Fairphone support people, I sent my Fairphone to them. After a while, it came back, fixed:-) Alas another problem appeared instead:-(

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