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Quinta generacion de iPhone. La reparación de este dispositivo es fácil y requiere destornilladores, herramientas de hacer palanca, y paciencia. GSM/CDMA /16, 32, o 64 GB / Negro o Blanco.

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Won't charge replaced charger and battery


I have a IPhone 4S that won't charge.

I have replaced the battery and charger port.

And resetted the full iPhone with itunes

Is there anything I can do more?

Sorry for bad english.

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Glenn Ongena, since you already changed teh battery and the dock connector you should check all the charging components. This could be caused by a failed/damaged charging coil. Check for any physical damage, or if you have the knowledge and tools, check for function. You want to start by checking 3 inductors. For that, of course, you need a multimeter, or at least an ohm meter, to check for continuity. I hate to refer to those as fuses, but they most certainly control part of the charging circuit. First one is reference designator L3, it is a FERR-120-OHM-1.5A inductor. L4, right below it , has the identical value. Next would be the charger inductor L28 2.2UH-1.8A-155MOHM. All of these are pretty much available at mouser. com or Check the Diode D604, located just above L28. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Block Image

Block Image

Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you for your detailed comment.

L3 and L4 are good. L28 I need to remove the metal protector. Before I do that, if L28 is broken. Is it possible to fix it? And I mean by a normal person. I have ICT and ectricity degrees.


YEs it is but will require decent tools and good soldering skills (hot air soldering preferred:-)


oldturkey03 thank you for sharing such detailed knowledge.


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