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air bag service light

My airbag service light wont go off. How do I get this fixed?

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@scampbell86 When dealing with the airbag it is always prudent to disconnect the battery and wait an hour before starting to work on it . But before doing that get the codes read so you know what your dealing with . there are multiple airbags in the car driver side , passenger side and side curtain so getting the code read will help narrow down which one your dealing with . If your looking at the drivers side its likely the clock spring in the steering column . If its the passenger side it could be the seat sensor that s bad . Side curtains are usually grounds gone bad . Either or its best and easiest to get codes read so you know what to address. Once you know what your dealing with disconnect the battery and wait . There is residual power in the system to trigger the bag and the last thing you want to have happen is to get hit by the airbag .Here on ifixit we want everyone to be able to fix there own stuff but in this instance it really is a good idea to take this to a professional . Unless your confident in what your doing , dealing with airbags can be a dangerous thing ,so better safe than sorry . Hope this helps

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Normally it's a bad ground connection. Remove the steering wheel airbag and check the ground for the airbag. Also check the fuses and relays in the car and under the hood.

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Did this help? Problem solved? I have the same issue, will run through the fuses tomorrow. Thanks!


what the number for the fuse


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My airbag is not coming on

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