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Modelo A1347 con procesador Core 2 Duo de 2.4 o 2.66 GHz.

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Ethernet port not working after lightning strike: how to diagnose it?

Hi there,

after a lightning strike last week which fried my home theatre AV-receiver and the DSL modem/router I just realized that my Mac Mini ethernet port is not working anymore. The Mini was connected via ethernet to the fried router, always worked, now I just get a "cable not connected" message on network panel. Tried of course changing cables and ports on the new router, resetting PRAM and SMC.

The unit seems to work perfectly besides the ethernet interface (now connecting via wifi). Is there a way to clearly diagnose it? System profiler just report Ethernet as working.

I guess this could mean the complete logic board to be replaced, not really a good idea considering its age.

Do you know of any Gigabit ethernet adapters I could use on this Mac Mini? USB is only 2.0.

Thanks for any feedback..


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''Sounds to me as though you have already correctly diagnosed the problem.


A USB Ethernet dongle should work as a work around. Belkin makes some. Just ensure that the one you choose is compatible with Mac OS X.

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