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Battery Door Replacement On Coolpix L14

Nikon Coolpix L14

I need some help buying and replacing the battery door on my Nikon Coolpix L14.


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Here's an excellent video on repairing the L22 battery door:

I could not find a replacement door. But I did find a whole one for $9.00. Buy it get the part you need and sell the other parts.

If this one is gone just do a search on eBay for Coolpix L14 and parts.

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Thanks for the info. I'm going to follow up on it and will let you know the outcome.


Well, I bought the Coolpix for $9.00 + shipping on eBay and removed the battery door from the eBay one and installed it on my Coolpix and my camera is now fixed and back to normal.

Thanks for the info.



Great! Now sell the other parts on eBay and triple your money.


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