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iBook will not recognise battery charger or charge battery

Have exhausted my fixit knowledge on this one! Help please if possible

Recently acquired G4 iBook 14in A1055 M9388LL/A 933MHz operates perfectly on battery but will not recognise battery charger or charge battery

Actions so far

1. All usual resets (PMU, PRAM, VRAM etc)

2. Apple Extended Hardware Test: passed

3. Disk Utility from external disk: no HD errors detected

4. Substitution of known working battery, charger & DC-In board: no effect

5. Erase HD & clean install of OS X 10.5 (just in case!): no change

6. Also installed coconutBattery to confirm battery status (thank you, coconut-flavour)

Presumably some kind of hardware fault. Are there any other fixable elements to the charging circuit apart from the DC-In board. Connector and socket on logic board both seem in good order

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To clarify, are you saying the laptop will not power on via AC power? Or that it works fine on AC power, but that it just won't charge the battery? And what is Coconut Battery telling you, i.e. does it give stats on the battery, or does it fail to get a reading?

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All i could suggest is to check the output of the charger with a multimeter if 5volts or close than the charger is fine.

Also try heating the contacts on the charging port on the main board, with a soldering iron if your up for the task.

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Thanks Konaster. The charger is OK, as is the DC-In board, so the problem is somewhere in the charge circuit on the logic board. I'm reluctant to start the soldering iron routine :-) So I was thinking: the machine works fine on battery but to keep changing batteries charged up externally is a pain. How about if somehow I could lash the output from the charger direct to the connector in the battery bay, maybe breaking apart an old battery to get the other half of the connector then wiring to that and adding other components as necessary. This eliminating the battery altogether. But can this work and how? Could be a new "product of last resort" here! Anyone want to make a partnership?

- de

Thanks for your message. The problem is not with the battery but with the charger circuit. Despite swapping known working DC-In boards and chargers the machine will not recognise any charger presence in any way or boot up from AC power only. So I'm assuming some kind of logic board fault, although the laptop is working perfectly battery powered, with OK results from Coconut Battery for each battery I've tried. Hence my earlier musing that if you could somehow splice mains power suitably adapted direct to the battery compartment connectors you could run off AC and forget batteries, dismantling, replacement parts which may prove a waste of time etc etc and use the iBook as a static unit

- de

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