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Released in 2012. A mirrorless digital camera with an interchangeable lens manufactured by Sony.

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Why are my pictures so blurry?

I'm trying to take a picture of but the pictures keep coming out blurry! The background of the pictures always come out clear but the people in front are really out of focus.

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You could be facing a few different issues:

Not enough light/ISO setting not sensitive enough - Here you'll need to add some light and/or alter the ISO setting to a higher number. Altering the ISO can degrade the image a bit if you go too far.

Slow shutter speed - People moving will appear blurred try increasing the sped. But be careful you may encounter loss the depth of field.

Mis-focus - The auto focus is not aimed at the best location before you compose your picture.

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There are a couple of options why you might be having blurry pictures.

First off, make sure you are focusing your camera by pushing halfway down on the shutter button. Also, make sure you are taking the picture with steady hands. You can use the help of a tripod to ensure stability.

Besides that, your other option is that your camera's shutter speed is too slow. Go into your camera settings and increase the shutter speed. This will work to give your camera a shorter snapshot of time in hopes of getting a clearer picture of the people.

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