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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Power/Volume Controls Replacement Part OR where to short power pins?


Simply, I need to engage the power button for just a few minutes. So, I need the volume / power ribbon replacement part (can't find anywhere online that has it in stock) OR to find an open spot on the board etc that I can short to perform this function aside from the metal contacts on the button which are not conductive enough to work. The pot metal construction blows, FYI.

I've disassembled my IPT 2g with no problem and found that the power button is a piece of crap. It's still covered under warranty until Dec 24, so very few days left for repair considering the holiday rush. The problem is it's jailbroken, frozen at boot and I can't enter DFU to wipe that stupid "pwnapple" off the screen to bring it in to Apple. The power button is too flaky and barely triggers 1/7 times. I've been unable to figure what pins to cross to engage power. Anyone able to help? I don't want to cut the ribbon etc since this would ruin my warranty (and no, disassembly the way I did it won't cause warranty problems).

Cheers for any tips!

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it's been a while since I've played around with jailbreaking but if I recall you can get your iPod touch into Restore mode by the following:

- make sure it's powered off, to start

- hold down the Home button

- keep holding it down while you plug the iPod into the dock cable, connected to your computer and iTunes

- keep holding the Home button until you see the recover mode screen (iTunes logo + cable)

it's not exactly same as DFU mode (which requires the hold both power and home buttons simultaneously trick) but I believe it may be enough to then restore the original iPod software from within iTunes. see if that works.

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That's a very good answer. Wish I'd asked earlier, would have saved me the hours it took to learn that. I didn't mention, however, that I've already tried this restore mode some hours ago by now so my apologies.

See, it's currently in an odd infinite reboot mode due to me trying to wipe it from the "Erase All Content And Settings" option. However, having used PwnageTool to create the custom firmware, it apparently defaults to somehow preventing partition-wipe so...

- de it freezes on boot, then reboots again every ~6 mins.

But, that being said, I let the power die then held the Home button until the boot screen shows but unfortunately it the restore mode that offers is apparently run from the firmware which isn't working. Thus, that mode doesn't start. It presumably requires the real deal DFU mode at this point. Was kind of you to take the time though, so many thanks. :)

- de

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