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Laptop loading everything slowly and fan making loud noises

I am wondering if I need to replace my laptop or if its possible to fix it. I have had it only 18 months I use it as my main computer using quite heavy software such as 3DS Max and the Adobe creative suite. Since February 14 my laptop has been getting slower and slower. Now it takes ages to boot up (15 mins+) and takes 5 mins to load webpages at 1st i thought it was my wifi but all my other devices load web pages fine! it will not play videos via My Documents I have to go into vlc and find the file. It tages ages to load most software too. Lately my fan has been sounding like a hair dryer after 20 mins of basic use eg running word or chrome. Can this be fixed?

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Imogen, you want to make sure that you check your computer for Viruses and Malware first. Use programs of your choice, I prefer Avast and Malware Bytes. If your machine is clean, you want to check and see what is going on in the background. I use "What's my computer doing" to check on that. See what it is loading when it starts up. MSConfig should show you that. also, check the answer by "Gary" pick up speed for hp desktop dx2000MT makes a lot of good points on what to do. Once you are satisfied that you eliminated all unnecessary processes, check your hardware. It is possible that your fan is either dirty, or just worn out. you also want to make sure that you have good airflow through the vents. If you let us know which model Samsung you have, we might be able to help you further.

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