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The HTC One (codenamed M7) is HTC's 2013 flagship smartphone. It features a seamlessly designed unibody aluminum frame, large dual front-facing speakers, and a 4.7-inch 1080p display.

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Burned camera lens .


I am a medical student and i used my mobile camera to take pictures from a microscope but i think the extreme light from the microscope burnt the lenses because when I try to take pictures in low-light occasions the picture I get is red and pink.Can I fix it ?

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Did this happen recently or has it always acted this way in low light conditions?

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This is not an uncommon issue it would seem, several HTC 1 users have run into the same problems, HTC has officially acknowledged the problem and believe that it may be a firmware issue with the phone. This was acknowledged last year, if you can, I would see if there is a firmware update as HTC believes it is a software issue. If you cannot wait and you are still under warranty you should be able to ask for a replacement if it is in fact the issue.

Also I would try to lower the ISO levels. HTC is advising users to reduce the ISO levels to lessen the impact of the flaw, or return their handset and receive a replacement.

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Thank you for your response

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Of course, I hope that helped

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