Also known as LG Optimus P970 schwarz in Germany, released May 2011.

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Touch pad of One Row in my LG-P970 is not working.

Touch pad of One Row in my LG-P970 is not working.

Can anyone tell me how to Resolve this and where can I get New TOUCH PAD

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Sorry, I don't use android. What do you mean by One Row?


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John Meshach, it has been my experience that if a particular area on the digitizer has seized to work, the digitizer has failed and needs to be replaced. Of course you always want to make sure that all the ribbon cables are properly connected and that there is no tear in any of the cables. There is also the remote chance that the touch screen controller has failed, but it is very unlikely. The part number for the digitizer (Touch window assembly) is EBD61045401 and you'll find the guide right here.. Here is the algorithm for a quick test


Check the touch connector and reconnect the touch connector

Touch is OK?




Check power

3.0V TOUCH (TP1)

1.8V TOUCH (TP2)



Change the main Board

Work well?




Change the touch module

Block Image

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