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El Samsung Galaxy Note II es un teléfono inteligente que destaca por la combinación de una pantalla grande y un software optimizado para un lápiz óptico auto almacenable integral.

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Note 2 did not turn on after changing the screen display

Hello all,

I fallow precisely the steps on the vid', with the correct tools. And when i try to turn on my note 2 ( N7100 ), nothing happen. I thought it was the battery who was down, but when i charge it, nothing happen, no lights, nothing at all. When i put it on my computer, he did not even recognize it..

I supposed it could me the battery, but i did not have any kind to see if that works.

My bad feeling is that could be the motherboard...

Anyone knows what could it be? And if it's possible to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

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Charge your battery with a charging box to make sure if your battery okay or not.

If the battery is okay, you should try to turn on the phone again with full power battery.

If still not work, you should make sure all of the connectors to logic board are connected very well and are clean without much dust.

If still failed, exchange your display with another working well note 2. On the one hand to ensure your new screen is good or not on the other good mother board. On the other hand, make sure your mother board is good or not with the other good display.

Good luck to you!

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