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The HTC One SV is a sleek 4G LTE capable Android smartphone that combines great sounding Beats Audio™

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Power Button Works Intermittently

My Power Button on my HTC One SV is slowly becoming non-functional. at first it started with pressing the power button a couple times to bring it out of standby, then 3 times, then it started to need to be pressed hard. Now it won't work using my fingers, i have to grab something and push the power button in farther than my fingers could. is there a repair fix? or Contact HTC?

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same thing happen to me I sent the phone to HTC and they sent it back and said they did not have the parts for power switch cost me 56 bucks to ship with insurance , a rp rep called me a month later and said you are just out of luck you have to buy a new phone and they were done ,i got a micro switch and installed it on the board "wrong switch" but the phone works great not I don"t have a button that makes it look pretty on top now but better than HTC answer . Good luck to anyone who has a HTC one S V the power switch is not very good design and it falls apart easy in 1 week my new universal micro switch is stout and is working great ....

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I fix mine :)

I found the fix here

Solution: compressed air and/or alcohol

I actually combined both ... and used a Deo Spray :)

Hope this helps others too.

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