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Can you change the HDD and ram in the razer blade pro?

I am thinking I am going to get a razer blade pro but I would like a bigger HDD/SSD than 512GB and maybe some more RAM but for the life of me I can't find ANYTHING about the laptop... Not even benchmarks... So I was hoping someone could do a teardown of something and some benchmarking with like geek-bench...

If it helps here is a link to the product:

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You can upgrade the RAM, here's the specs on it:

I'm unable to find anything on upgrading the SSD.

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OK so it uses msata... I can work with that.

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Has anyone successfully upgraded the SSD? I am curious as to why there is no teardown available for this, it must be because there isn't much demand.

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I've replaced the RAM, wlan card and both hard drives in my 2013 Blade Pro. I used an MSata Crucial 480gb in place of the stock MSata cache drive, and a Seagate 750gb hybrid hard drive in place of the stock 500gb drive. The Seagate is slightly thicker than the stock drive - I had to leave off one of the HD bumpers. It fits so snug without it that I think it's safe. Both drives are accessible with Windows 7 - I use the MSata as a boot drive and the Seagate for media.

It wasn't too hard to do, just go slow and keep track of what screw goes where.

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