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Water fixtures and their piping, as well as the myriad of components that keep them flowing.

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How do I fix a leaky sink pipe?

The pipes under my kitchen and bathroom occasionally leak. The wood is damaged. Tired of having my towels and toilette paper soaked.

Thank you for your response to fixing the sink pipes. Plumbing problem, that I see is directly under the sink. The pipes are of different materials. The stem of the sink looks like copper since it has blueish tarnish on it. The curvy parts are PVC with wings to help screw it in.

In the bathroom, I took the pieces apart, cleaned them, put a white plumbers tape around the screw-on grooves and hand tightened the ensemble. Should I have done more? I want to fix it not just "Mickey" it.

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Yes, they can be fixed, but the "how" will depend on a lot of factors. Do you have a crawlspace to get under your house or is your plumbing in the basement? What materials are used for your drain? Cast iron, copper, PVC? Where is it leaking the most? Where do you see the leak?

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A picture would help.

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A long shot - but if you gently tighten the screw at the centre (inside) of your sink (you may have to remove the filter if there's one on it), that might work? Be gentle with it though (don't overtighten). Solved my leaky kitchen sink problem! That's after months of bucket emptying and cupboard cleaning...

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When you are mating two different types of pipe you cannot reuse the gaskets or washers... you need new ones. There is a "goop" that you can put on threads to really seal them from leaking... also seals them from redoing the repair.

I suggest taking a few pictures and the leaking ends of the pipe to your local hardware/building supply store and asking for their help/suggestions. The original "plumber" may have use poor or improper materials or left in cut/worn gaskets.

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