Fix low signal on iPhone 5?

Hello :-),

I am having an issue with a phone that I just fixed. It was a phone a bought on eBay that had been beat up so I didn't know the function of the phone. After I hanged the housing and screen everything works perfectly on the phone. The only issue I can't figure out is the low signal strength. I tested the SIM card I my personal phone and the repaired phone and it is not the SIM card or the wireless provider. The repaired phone does get cellular signal but it is very low, Lowe then usual when compared to the same phone at the same place with the same wireless carrier. Any ideas?

Thank you.

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Check the top antenna connections are properly installed, the two screws are tightly screwed in.

Check the two cellular bridge cables across the logic board are properly connected. metal brackets installed properly.

Check the lower antennas by comparing the speaker antenna flex cable, screws, headphone jack antenna flex cable and the lightning connector flex cable are properly installed. Check the lower antenna coax cable connection and bracket.

if everything seems to work, swap logic board with known good ones to determine if the logic board or the case with antenna is faulty

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