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Also known as Sony Ericsson Xperia Nozomi, Sony Ericsson Arc HD.

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Phone not turning on how to recover data

my xperia s is not turning on despite following all instructions of xperia support. How can i recover photos as they really mean to me please help

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Why your phone is not turning on if it has power issue then check it with by connecting other cable or laptop.

You can also remove your Memory card and connect it to the system via a card reader to take backup of your data. It will work if your default storage option is the Memory card.

If you are unable to fecth out any data, then you have no choice left except obtaining Data Recovery Services. Check for data recovery with experts.

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It needs to be serviced, if it's not charging or turning on there's a hardware failure. A common issue is the charging port, after replacing, if it's damaged that is, then allows the phone to actually charge, but without more information it's hard to tell.

Edit: I should add that you can't pull the data off until the phone is on, thus the hardware failure needs to be addressed.

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If it fails to turn on not due to the power issue, it may be caused by internal issue, like hardware.

In this case, try connecting it to computer to see if can be recognized by computer system. If yes, making use of a technical recovery app to scan the memory (phone) for the needed files. You can try MiniTool for android.

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