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After screen repair, sensitive screen after charging.

I replaced the screen on an iPhone 5 - everything went well.

After charging it for some time it became warm (as I believe they normally do) but for 20-30 min after that the screen was very sensitive opening apps by itself and a slight hover of my finger would set it off click/ opening random things. It went away when I assume the phone got to room temperature again.

Any thoughts?

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Is the unit actually getting too hot? Or just warm? If it is only getting warm, then it sounds like the screen that you installed might have a defective digitizer. The touch function should perform correctly within all acceptable operating temperatures for the device. Charging, even if it gets warm, should not take it past the safe operating temperature threshold. You may want to RMA the screen. It is constantly challenging to get these assemblies at a cost effective price point, but sources such as iFixit and eTech Parts tend to sell higher quality assemblies in my experience.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the response! I think more on the warm side. I'll see if it continues and go with a screen from ifixit. Should have done that in the beginning. Thanks!

- de

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