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Versión actualizada del iPad 2 original, lanzado en marzo de 2012 con un procesador de troquel más pequeño y una construcción interna actualizada. La reparación requerirá el uso de calor y palanca cuidadosa.

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My ipad cant see WIFI signals


I have a problem that has me stumped. Maybe some clever guys can help me out.

I got an ipad 2 WIFI model to repair which had a slight crack on the digitizer and reported as not connecting to WIFI.

When I was replacing the screen I also replaced the WIFI antenna from the mainboard to the surround with a brand new part.

However, when trying to connect to WIFI , The ipad is not picking up any WIFI routers in range , the strange thing , when I enable WIFI hotspot on my Galaxy s4 or my wifes iphone , the ipad sees it ,connects and works perfectly.

I have tried a restore, update to 7.0.4 , new antenna,

changing security , channels and WIFI versions from N to G and still no joy.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone could offer some assistance on the matters



Dublin , Ireland

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Just a quick update on what resolved this problem for me.

I replaced the WIFI IC BOARD on the ipad 2 and all worked fine after that.

- de

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If you can connect via WiFi to something then you know the WiFi Antenna is working, granted not as you expected!

So the question is what is the frequency of the AP you are trying to connect to? The iPad 2 (first released) does not have the newer 5GHz transceiver (2.4GHz only). Newer iPad 2/3/4 started supporting 5GHz (but limited due to power).

This is why your Galaxy s4 acting as an AP (hotspot) is allowing it to connect.

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Thank for the reply.

I have tried connecting to a few AP, mostly 2.4 on all channels and WIFI types. Ie A, G and N.

I ordered a replacement WIFI board but it's coming from the states. I'll update when that arrives.

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Hi again

just a quick update on this problem

I installed a new wifi ic on the board and the same problem exists.

Would anyone have any other suggestions of what i could try before giving up on this one ??

Thanks in advance

- de

Did replacing wifi antenna work?

- de

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