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La tercera generación de la serie phablet de Samsung Galaxy Note se lanzó el 25 de septiembre de 2013. Identificable por el número de modelo N9005.

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phone wont turn on even after charge

hi i have charged my phone over night i have had a problem with charging it before it says the cord is not connected but it is i had to keep turing it of and than back on to get it to charge worked for a little bit now i cant get it to turn on at all cause it didn't charge i have tried all cords i have for it changed adaptors taken the battery out as well noting is working only had the phone since it was realised in 2013 please help

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Did you leave it out in the cold? My GPS wouldn't turn back on until I brought it in the house and warmed it up.

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This is apparently a common problem and a manufacturer defect. Check this out:

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