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Procesador G5 1.6, 1.8 o 2 GHz

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Upgrade PowerPC iMac to Intel processor

I have an early 2005 iMac G5 with a PowerPC processor. Can I replace the logic board and whatever else to upgrade to an Intel processor so that I can use the newer 10.9 OS?

Update (01/23/2014)

Thanks for the info Dan. I'm having start-up problems, tried all the recommended quick fixes that I found here, but it still won't work. Maybe an Apple tech can fix it.

Update (01/24/2014)

The power supply looks good, the 1,2 & 3 internal LEDs light up. Not sure about the hard drive. It seems to run OK and the Apple Hardware Test passed. I ran Disk Check and repair from the Install Disc, erased and reloaded the OS and tried many other startup suggestions. I replaced the back-up battery and reset the SMU and the PRAM. It will boot from the Install Disk but will only boot in Safe mode from the HD. Am trying to get a friend to hook up by fire wire to see if it will boot that way. I will take it to a technician if parts need to be replaced. The machine is not used very often and I hope to not have to spend big bucks on a new one.

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Is the HD going? Or is the power supply getting flaky? There is a know issue with the power supply caps blistering and failing.

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I would set your mac up in Target mode and then run disk utility running the repair permissions & then disk options from your friends system. Male sure you have a backup just in case!

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Sorry, not really. The internals are radically different between the PowerPC & Intel models. Besides the cost and labor would be much more than buying a new unit.

While I'm sure someone has created a iMac bodied Hackintosh, it would be for the fun of it like people do with cars. It wouldn't be sellable afterwards.

FYI - Many people loved the Power Macintosh G5 cases for creating Intel/Windows (cough!!) systems and I know of one person that created a Power Macintosh G5 cased Hackintosh.

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