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20", 23", and 30" LCD Display introduced in 2004 discontinued in 2010.

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Is replacing the backlight possible?

My Apple 20" Cinema display (A1081) has become dimmer over the last couple of months. Brightness is turned all the way up and the whites are still grayish.

Is it possible to replace the backlight in this otherwise functional display?

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still no solution? teardown, replace, work log?


The tubes are just not available any more. I think its time to get a new monitor.


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dkelly, I would not give up that early :-). I am certain that it can be done, CCFL's are not very expensive or even hard to come by. Check on here for some ideas. May be we can help you changing the CCFL's and making a guide for it:-)

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Its a bit of work and you do need to be careful as the CFL lamps are fragile. It's been awhile since I've replaced the CFL's so I don't know what lamps are available any more.

Given the age of your display you might want to consider getting a new one as the cost of repair will be more than a new unit will cost (if you were to get it fixed by someone).

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I just hate throwing away something that still works and could be repaired. Maybe I'll donate it to a charity.


I'm with you! Its just a matter of time & skills here. OT has a link about on a parts source - Thank you OT! You know your stuff! As you can see in the link you'll need to take the LCD display unit apart to get to them. Are you up to it?


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