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Model A1040 / 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40 GB hard drive / four touch-sensitive LED backlit buttons above touch wheel

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Why does disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it drain it?

I opened up my iPod to check something with the hole switch, and I had to disconnect teh battery. It had a half charge on it, but after I did that and I turned it on, it was completely dead. Why is that?

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disconnection and reconnecting should not drain the battery

"super fast draining" could occur when the battery is shorted - that could send them vary fast down to 0v, or when a battery cable gets teared, pulled out of the plug and so on

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Ok, I think my battery maybe charred. Lol.

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maybe it's time for a newer iPod. since you having the hold switch issue and a "problematic" battery - i would recommend two things - selling this one on ebay and gettin a different one there.

the shuffle is great for sports ;-)

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Yeah I know (sigh) I guess I just really like this one. It's got the right gigs, etc. I used to have a fourth generation, and it worked great, but ofcourse it got stolen.. I guess I have a soft spot for the older iPods. Lol. Plus I have an old mac iBook, and even though it gives me problems, I havent thrown it out the window yet. Lol. But the battery seems like it is holding a charge. It just confused me because it displays the same level all the time, until I play it, thats when the battery goes up, so I was confused at first when i tried to charge it, and it was showing the same battery level when I unplugged it from the computer, no matter how many hours I charged it. But then when i played it for a while, it goes up to full charge on its own, and seems to last decent time. It just threw me off. Lol.

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