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This receiver is Bluetooth Ready, has 110 Watts x 5 Direct Energy Amplification and is iPad / iPhone Certified with supplied cable

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HDMI Cuts out after about 30 seconds of use

I have my receiver hooked up to my TV cable and surround sound. When I run everything through the receiver the HDMI input cuts off after about 30 seconds I was watching TV. I have tried using all the HDMI inputs and it does the same thing. I tried resetting the receiver with no luck. When I turn the receiver off it'll work for about 30 seconds more and it will cut out to a the TV screen blank indicating only the HDMI input being used.

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I have a official repair shop for pioneer and yamaha and have heard this complaint MANY times before and usually had a hard time making it fail once I got my hands on it. Yamaha did a study of hdmi cords and found that some manufactures used too thin of wiring to properly handle data transfer between certain items. This MAYBE your issue. What they also found that price made no difference. $100 cords were sometimes worse than $10 ones. I suggest buying another brand at the store and seeing if it solves the issue. Good luck.

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Have any suggestions a brand? I have three different ones that I've tried with no luck.

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Cables are NOT the problem. I have the same problem on a vsx-821, HDMI audio cuts out. Problem seems worse when the unit is warm, it might work well when cold. Does not matter what HDMI input, source, or cable is used. And when the audio cuts out from my BD player, the video is still solid, suggesting the cables are fine.

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