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Why does my Kenmore 110 22062604 run, but not heat?

My dryer is running well, but won't heat and the clothes is taking forever to dry. Some internet research seems to suggest the thermistor is out and there are simple videos on how to replace it. Is this something I should attempt to fix on my own? Please help. We are broke and it would be nice to save on this repair.

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Julie, yes it does sound like something you can repair yourself. You have to be a bit handy, but it should be doable. I would like to give you some more information, but your model number does not bring up any information. If you can, please double check that number and also give as much information as you can about model etc.

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Is there no heat or just a little heat?

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Unless we have the proper model number, we will all just have to guess. It could be the element, the two thermostats on the heater housing as well as the heat switch. Plenty of options of what could be wrong.....

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Julie yes you can fix it yourself the thermistor is located on the housing of the drum. you need to be a bit handy but you can do it. make sure model make and style is correct. go to your local dealer and look at the part " thermistor" then go home and look on the drum and find you part. if you have a meter disconnect the part and check the ohm reading. to do this set meter to ohm setting and put the connector on each end of the wires going in and out of the switch if the meter stays at zero the switch is bad replace switch.

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Check the lint filters, if they are too full, the dryer runs but wont dry.

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