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Guías de reparación y apoyo para las ahora descontinuadas cámaras de cine Yashica. Los derechos de marca de Yashica son ahora propiedad del Grupo MF Jebsen de Hong Kong.

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Are replacement lightseals/gaskets for Yashica 35mm cameras available?

Yashica TL-Super 35mm SLR camera needs the light seals on the door replaced. Do these seals still exist or is there a suitable substitute?

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Sorry to say the foam rubber breaks down over time into a gummy mess. You'll need a good solvent to cut thought the mess (Toluene). Once you get it cleaned out you can use dense black wool yarn to replace it.

Get some contact adhesive and a cleaned out empty fingernail polish bottle with brush. Fill the bottle with some adhesive and thin it a bit so it's not stringy when you pull the brush out of the bottle.

Using the brush from the bottle paint the inner groove where the foam was located and before the glue dries press the wool yarn into the slot making sure not to compress it to much. You might find having a small wood stick cut to fit into the slot will help in guiding it in. That should do it!

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A guy named Jon Goodman ( sells pre-cut foam seals for a large number of old cameras. Email him for more information.

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Sponge rubber works fine. Can be purchased in sheets for next to nothing in craft shops (comes in many color since it is popular with small kids to build all sort of things for mothers day and the like), these shops even have dedicated glue for it . After cleaning of the older seals (as described by Dan above), cut the sponge rubber to size. Most of the time you won't even need glue since the new seal will hold itself in place.

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