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La Canon EOS Rebel T2i es una continuación de la línea de cámaras DSLR de nivel básico de Canon, la serie Rebel. También conocido como EOS 550D y EOS Kiss X4.

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How do you fix a jammed flash?

After about six months my T2i flash quit popping up. The camera makes a clicking sound and then gives me a 05 Error saying that the camera should be turned off and back on but it has never reactivated.

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There is always a rusted screw found under the top cover of flash, which has spring to move the flash head. By unscrew and cleaning it (filing ), solves the problem from its root.

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I need to reassemble the screw and spring, but I cannot remember how it goes back in! Can anyone help me “visually” see which way the spring is supposed to be reloaded back in?

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Try this..

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Nice! Hooray for an easy fix. My camera has been doing this for a year, and I have just been using my finger nail to pop it up. 1 blast of compressed air on the spring and it was fixed!

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I can't open it with my nails what should I do

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