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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Why is the bottom left corner so warm? (wifi issue?)

I've noticed the bottom left corner (on the back) to be slightly warm under moderate usage, but recently it seems to be warmer than usual. Wifi strength is really low (1 bar) even when right beside wifi router. I don't have any wifi security enabled on the router. I restored through iTunes and still same problem. Nothing internal was changed between when it was fine and now nor was anything changed on the wifi router. Everything else works without issue.

Parts I've replaced a few months ago: battery, back cover, digitizer, lcd, headphone jack.

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I've got the same problem with the hot corner. For me, it gets the most hot when plugged into a power source, especially while the screen is on. For instance, if I'm playing a game with the power plugged in, the corner is quite hot. The heat covers about the area of a nickel, and is strong enough that I can feel it through the top of the iPod, too.

Any ideas at all? It's kind of a hard topic to accurately search.

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same here Tim Valenta i find that it happens when plugged in also and the heat managed to damage my ipod which apple had to replace under warranty.

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well, not a wire per say, but skippy has the right idea.

maybe there's a short somewhere along the board.

when you have free time you should open up the device, disconnect the battery and give the unit an iso-propyl alcohol bath (use a soft bristle brush)

Rinse with iso when finished and let dry thoroughly, then when done let it dry some more :)

re-solder and let me know your results.

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There could be a short causing problems with the wifi and heating up the back. You should make sure that there are no stray wires touching the back.

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there are no wires inside of the iPod touch

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