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Can the computer itself make a HDD go bad?

Craigslist had an immaculate iBook G4 in my area for short money and I was able to score it for my kids to use. We use it to play music and movies and games. It had a 30G HDD but everything started to act up. Programs would just close during use, and then all I could get was the startup sound, a grey screen and the Apple with the spinning wheel.

So I decided to replace the HDD with one (250G) from my old iBook G4 that worked, however the logic board was failing me.

Everything was fine for the first 3 times I used the computer, then it started to act up in the same way it did when I had the 30G HDD in there. I reset the PRAM and the PMU already.

What else do I do?

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+1 Great question! It's so helpful to know what steps to diagnose you've already tried.

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Definitely not an HD issue then, you should run some diagnostics, such as the AHT, also take a look at the RAM.

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Thanks, I R&R'd the RAM and it works again.

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That's usually my second thing to check, 1) HD, 2) RAM

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+ Ralph

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