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24" display; Built-in iSight Camera, Microphone, and Speakers; 1920x1200 resolution. Released October 2008, identified by model number A1267.

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Can a cracked screen be replaced on this unit?

I have an Apple A1267 LED Display. My screen was cracked and I want to know if this can be replaced. I know with the LED televisions you have to purchase a new television so I was hoping this was not the case with my display. Thanks in advance.

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mixonmickey, yes it can, but for a big cost. The part number for your LCD is 661-4822 and it will cost you around $400 for a LCD. For the how-to part, go to the device page, scroll down to Service Documentation and click on the blue link. That should get you the instructions needed. Hope this helps, good luck.

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