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iPhone de cuarta generación. La reparación es sencilla, pero el cristal frontal y la pantalla LCD deben ser reemplazados como una unidad. GSM / 8, 16, o 32 GB de capacidad / Modelo A1332 / Blanco y Negro.

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Power button loose after refitting and not clicking

Hi, maybe someone can advise on whether there is a special technique for installing the power button after removal, or if there's a part missing.

Metal bracket fits properly back in place behind button, and orange disc popper attached to it and clicking. Silver button installed in iPhone as per guides, but it seems there's a gap between silver button and orange disc on bracket, so switch is loose and when pressed it does not activate the disc switch and click.

This is the 2nd time I've had this happen. Is there a spacer between orange switch on flex, and the silver button which drops off or something?

A thin rubber strip with a cutout running its length (about 5 or 6mm long) fell out and I can't see where it came from, and a rectangular rubber pad which I think came from the speaker/charging dock end, but nothing else I saw.

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After hours of Googling, I found the answer.

The top of the switch (the orange "popper") should have adhered to it a little plastic nipple. This breaks off leaving a gap between the popper and the silver power button resulting in the looseness and means the silver button doesn't press down on the popper switch and click it.

Apparently some have successfully glued a bit of plastic to the orange adhesive film on the popper switch to create another nipple, whilst the better solution is replacement of the power button flex.

So from what I've learned, check the plastic nipple is present in the middle of the orange film on the popper switch and you don't just have a smooth dome, and if that's ok, check the shiny spacer disc is still glued into the base of the silver power button.

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