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Lid open/close standby doesnt work after HD replace

i succesfully followed the HD replacement guide for my iBook and installed a new hard drive. But there is a problem with the close lid switch that put the mac in and out of sleep when opening and closing the lid. When closing the lid the screen is still on. if i manually put the computer into sleep. It doesnt respond to opening of the lid either.

Any ideas what connectors or cables to check?

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Thanks for the hint. As a matter of fact there is a very small magnet on the cd-drive which i replaced with a dvd-drive. So this is a very good explanation to the problem. I will move the magnet and hopefully this solves the problem.

Once again thanks for the hint.

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It worked like a charm! Thanks for the help.

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Hi! Most likely the magnet in the topcase was not put back, or moved. It is necessary that this magnet is in the proper place, because sleep mode is activated when this magnet triggers another magnet in the screen as the laptop is shut. This magnet is on the right side of the topcase, very near the bottom-right corner of the keyboard. The magnet is at the bottom end of the metal bar which lines the underside of the right edge of the topcase alongside the keyboard. You will see a slight indentation in the underside of the topcase which outlines where the magnet should go. While the magnet can come loose, it usually has sticky material on one side, so it should not be hard to make it stay on the underside of the topcase.

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as rdklincorporated suggess you probably forgot to check the magnet location before closing the ibook top case. In fact there's only one magnet that triggers the sleep function. The top case magnet enter in contact with the reed switch board when closing the display and triggers the sleep function. The reed switch cable is part of the inverter cable going from the logic board to the inverter board in the display via the right hinge.

To test the reed switch board just pass a magnet over the center right side of the display and it should put your ibook in sleep mode. If it doesn't work then the reed switch board could be faulty but I'm pretty sure rdklincorporated answer is right. My advice would be to take off the top case and put back the magnet at the location described by rdklincorporated. I would spread just a little super glue under the magnet to be sure it will stay in place.

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Good point lemerise! I'd forgotten it's not a magnet per se but actually the reed switch. Speaking of the reed switch, I've found iBooks lately that fall asleep and the backlight fails to come back on, although there is a dark image. Replacing the reed switch (or the whole screen assembly with cables) seems to solve that problem. It took me a lot of banging my head against the wall to figure that one out, and I'm still feeling the headache! :-)

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Since it's a hobby for me and I have time to foul around with these machines I prefer to replace the reed switch board than the whole display. Cheaper repair....

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