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Second generation of Wi-Fi iPad, released on March 11, 2011. Model number A1395. Repair is difficult and will require heat.

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power button not working

Hello everyone,

I recently replaced a screen digitizer for an ipad 2. It was cracked. I have done a fair amount of these and I know you have to be careful with the ribbon cable for the power button not to rip it on removing old screen. The cable appears to be fine, but i cant shut this thing down. The new screen works fine, mute button works, just not power. I assume I may have to replace power button. Does anyone know of a way to power the ipad off so i can replace the power button?

Since the actual power button can't be used to power down iPad. Any help would be awesome. Thanks

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I wondered about disconnecting battery. You feel like you should always disconnect battery on all ipad repairs? It never says anything about disconnecting battery in a lot of the other iPad repair manuals from ifixit. Like for a cracked screen or LCD replacement you should go all the way and disconnect battery?

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Your only 2 options are to let it discharge on its own or disconnect the battery, which you should do with any repair to begin with.

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For anyone who needs to switch off an iDevice with a defective power button, just go to Settings > General > Accessiblity > AssistiveTouch.

Done !

This black touch button has all you need to control you iDevice.


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