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Procesador Intel de doble núcleo a 1,7 GHz (Turbo Boost de hasta 2,6 GHz) con 3 MB de caché L3 compartida

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My speakers stopped working after spilling coffee on my laptop.

I spilled coffee on my macbook air's keyboard and speaker. I immediately turned the laptop off and dried the keyboard and left the laptop in a bag of rice for 24 hours. Now the laptop works well, keyboard is good. But the speakers don't work. But when headphones plugged in the sound works greatly.

Help please!

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My speakers stopped working after spilling coffee on my laptop.

lenovo g50

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Try your system preferences. Go under the Apple in the upper left hand corner to System Preferences > Hardware > Sound. Click on Output and see if it's set to the internal speakers.

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what can I do the internal speakers is selected

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I spilled water on my MacBook air and after 2 days of it off, I turned it back on and there was no sound. I followed @mayer's instructions and it worked! Glad I came across this. Thank you

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!! i nearly had a heart attack after spilling the water on my macbook, upon learning that the speakers weren't working, I was even more scared. After searching on the internet for so long, I found this comment! I tried it out, and it worked too. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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Wow man you are a legend I was devastated after dropping water on my lovely macbook air and this worked for me! thank you so much the world needs more people like you !!

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First STOP WITH THE RICE this kills electronics. It combines with the liquid, turns into starch and gets into everything and &&^&* it up big time. NO RICE!!! IGNORE THE INTERNET!!! The same people spouting the rice crap are the people telling you it is the LCD cable and not the screen, the same people telling you to put your motherboard in an oven to fix it.. just ignore all this nonsense.

Does the fan spin high? Check the cable going from the DC in board to the motherboard, this could be bad and messing up the sound. A surefire telltale sign of this is if your fan is spinning high all the time and the magsafe doesn't come on, it can be a bad dc in board or bad dc in board cable on an air causing this.

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