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Laptop de 14.1" con procesador Intel Core 2 Duo T5450 de Acer

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I want to build notebook out of my acer extensa 4620 notebook

I have Acer extensa 4620 notebook purchased in US and recently its top panel has got cracked at hinges as it is old laptop I don't want to buy new panel for it and even it is not available in India. I want to buy a dead laptop in scrap and fix all parts into those chassis but I don't know which notebook I have to buy.please suggest me another model of notebook that suits my Acer extens hardware but should be available in India. pls help me..not possible please suggest me another model within Acer extensa series pls

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Finding another brand chassis that would fit seems almost impossible.

I suggest getting the same model from scrap, and swap the parts.

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but the problem is extends model is not available it was not released in India I bought it in US except 4620 all extends models are available to get in scrap

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You could try another Acer line that was released at the same time or cross reference the replacement parts. Acer doesnt manufacture all their parts. They get some parts from a common supplier

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