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La PlayStation Vita es el sucesor de la PSP. Contiene un procesador y gráficos mejorados, e incluye la adición de un segundo stick analógico. Fue lanzado el 15 de febrero de 2012.

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not working black screen

My game system is not working,not a scratch on it just a black screen. Is it worth repairing?

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i was using my psv its screen gone dark slowly please solve my problem

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Or it s your mother board dead or a simple fuse is dead-> easy to repair by making a bridge but you've to find the fuse.

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Hi, I just resolve the same problem with my Vita using the following steps:

1. Prepare Vita game card with the latest firmware, I was using FFX

2. Press PS+R+Power for about 5 seconds

3. Select update system update

4. Select update using vita game card

5. Let it finish the process

6. The Vita came back to work! At least mine is working now



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Sorry Eko but that was one of roughly 7-8 different options listed as DIY fixes to solve the mysterious PS VITA black screen Failure that came about for my personal system coincidingly with the download and install of the 3.2 system release back in April 2016. Downloaded fine. Went to install. Never came back to life after that. Black screen no matter how long I charge ( have charged up to 2 weeks....), Have tried booting to safe mode - nothing works. Always black screen. The system appears to take the charge - but it is as if the display is totally crashed.

I know plenty about computers but I'll just have Sony repair it since I have a couple months left on 1 year warranty. Absolutely 100% problem is related to the firmware release though. Company should do the right thing and issue a clear statement and own up to it. Microsoft lost TONS of customers over similar problems with Windows 8 and 8.1 crashing PC after PC with the BSOD problems. I have 2 PS TV, 1 VITA, 2 PS4, 1 PS3, and a 59" Sony Flat screen. Too much is crashing they gotta get it together. Love the brand but this is getting ridiculous having to use warranty on last 2 products.

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NOTHING IS HELPING oh by the whay the 2 one did not work

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