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The HTC Hero is the third phone manufactured by the HTC Corporation for the Android platform, as part of the A series.

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looking for a guide or reference to unlock phone while preserving data

have an older htc hero(sprint), and a LG chocolate that i threw into the electronics black hole (my desk drawer) a while ago.

well now that i need my old contacts out of them i cant remember the dammmmmm unlocks .nothing shady i own these phones(and can prove it). any clues how i can

bypass these while preserving all data in said phone or am i just S.O.L.???

I also understand that these are popular with the rooting crowd and would be willing to give phones(extra batteries,chargers,cig plugs,ect.) and cash($$$$) to whomever could help me w/this once we're done with them.

I have looked for a while for a solution to my problem,

and people are either to shady or just dont want to give up the knowledge, not quite sure as to why.

even referrals welcome.

I am in the los angeles area.

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Have you tried contacting HTC directly? I'm sure if you could prove ownership of the device, and if they have the technology to retrieve the data off the locked phone, they'd be your best bet. Then again, they could be of little or no help, but I think it's worth trying if you haven't already.

HTC Hero Support Page

There are contact options on the upper right portion of the page.

Good luck!

P.S. You could always try to get in touch with the N.S.A. I hear they're pretty good at getting data off peoples phones. Heck they might even already have all your files stowed away on their servers.

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I don't believe posting this question multiple times on the same forum will result in getting answers any faster. I see you've asked the same question five separate times on iFixit. Add comments if you'd like to update your posts with further information, don't just start a new question.

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Fret not. Maybe you can try to use some Android Data Extraction, like Forecovery. I have ever met the same experience as you, and successfully deal with it. All you need is to download the program and follow the tips according to the software.

Get more details in this tutorial about the methods to recover contracts on Android. Hope this is helpful for you!

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As an Android user, have you ever faced this problem important files lossing on your Android phone? No need to worry about that now. Here, I would like to show you a simple way to Restore Data from an Rooted Androidwith a third party program called Android Data Recovery.

Android Data Recovery is specially designed for Android smartphones to Recover Deleted Files on Android, including Contacts, SMS, Text messages, pictures and more. It supports most Android phones like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc. With it, you can retrieve your deleted data with ease. Don't doubt. It is really possible and risk-free.

More information:

How to Recover Lost Contacts from HTC

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Don't worry, friend. Have you ever tried Android Data Recovery? I once used it to recover those deleted files on my Galaxy s4.

As you are using HTC with Android OS system, it's easy to recover your old contacts from the old phone. No matter whether you have backed up your files, you can recover them. To carry out this recovery process, you can try Android Data Recovery, which is able to recover various files like contacts, documents, videos, audios, etc. With this program, you can easily recover lost data from your phone. Besides, it allows you to preview the recoverable files.

1. Connect your phone to computer then run Android Data Recovery

2. Enable USB debugging

3. Select the files to scan

4. Recover deleted contacts

Read more about how to recover deleted contacts on Android. I hope my advice can help you!

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