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El primer modelo de iPhone, modelo A1203 con 4, 8 o 16 GB de capacidad y una parte posterior de aluminio. La reparación requiere una cantidad significativa de destreza, y puede requerir un poco de soldadura.

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screen turning on and off without touch

I have an iPhone, 1st gen. when phone is on the charger, everything is ok. as soon as i take it off, it starts to behave strangely...

screen keeps turning on and off every 15 seconds. you can imagine, battery doesnt last very long, after a whole day of this.

now, i have swapped the back cover, all with the buttons and connectors for the known working one. i have restored phone to factory defaults. it still behave the same.

could it be faulty proximity sensor?

or something different, i dont know, maybe a logic board.

otherwise from that, phone works like new, wifi, calls, screen... everything...

thank you all for any advice...


Markus, Josh,

thanks for answers.

phone has not been placed in any cover, as far as i know. i have bought it off ebay. i have just noticed, even if i switch the phone off, it turns on automaticaly, if there is any power remaining in battery. it could be proximity sensor, but why it works even if the phone is off...

my phone dont think there is any headphones plugged in, as far as i am concerned. if i play music, it comes out of speaker. it also doesnt show any attachement connected...

i dont know, what else to do. i have promised this phone to my little cousin. but at this condition, I cannot give it to him...

anyways, thanks for advices, guys.

have a good one.


i got it working, finnaly. it was that dammaged dock connector at the end... have found nice and cheap screen assembly, now phone works flawlessly...

ahem, what am i going to do, with iPhone 2G? Especially, when i have the new one... well, it goes stright to the shelf, next to other repaire stuff. i put it on ebay, maybe i just give it to someone...

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2 things coming in my mind

power switch (not the thing outside)


dock connector

i'm almost shure about it - fluid damage

- de

hey, thanks for posting

i have ordered dock connector assembly from ebay, it came up to USD3.5, thats not bad. even if it isnt the right part, it is not going to hurt that much :D

What power switch do you mean, Markus? i am not aware of any other switches on the body or the guts of the iPhone 2g. if you mean the one coming with the back panel assembly, i have already swapped it for the known working one. no luck...

- de

yeah - 3,50 won't hurt that badly and yes - i ment that power switch (even if it does not look like a switch - it is one ;-). lets hope that the new dock will fix it

- de

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I think, its just a matter of coincidence, but after i left that phone plugged on charger for almost two days, it have somehow stopped acting crazy. I left it on the table over night, not plugged in, and in the morning there was pretty much all the power in the battery... It might point on something, but i doubt it. Worth trying though. Anyways, have tried to spot those moisture sensors, cannot see them, but there are two slightiest redish spots at the bottom of dock connector. So Markus, you're right...

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phone still running... i guess i will never find out.

anyway, i change that dock connector, just in case...

- de

glad that it's still working

- de

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I have the same exact problem with my iPhone 3G.

It also thinks headphones are plugged in most of the time, so I'm thinking perhaps it keeps detecting headphones, which then wakes up the screen....does yours also have that problem?

I haven't found a fix yet though.

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hi josh - it sounds like a fluid damage to me.

the damage could be directly in the headphones connector

hi palokiller,

sounds strange - i've googled around, some similar problems came from the proximity sensor - but many had this problem while the iPhone in one of those protection things (cases, screen protection stuff and so on) - and that the problem was only when the area above the earpiece was covered (where the light/proximity/orientation sensor is) - maybe this could lead to anything - i gues that the problem could also be "generated" with dust/lint right on the sensor

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ahem... Two things.

first: i should have read and look first. i have knew, that screen assembly comes completely with EVERYTHING needed for fitting logic board... that means, i cannot change dock connector, thus, my effort was completely useless.

second: i REALLY need to improve my soldering skills. manipulating the mainboard and battery, i have ripped off one of the wires and have not been able to solder them back. sh*t happens...

maybe after i will improve my skills, i will return to this issue. for those, thinking, that charging phone for two, three days could help, i have bad news... problem persisted. it was returning every other time. that means, i have left it there, on the charger for two days, it worked perfect, other time, it was flashing.

so, really, thanks for advices, will try them soon {hopefully}..

palokiller out.

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you need a good soldering iron with a fine tip - i normally use 20w with switchable 130w boost - that mostly helps with leadfree tin.

the battery contacts are not the largest - but doable - the important part is the timing and a tweezer to hold the cable. the battery replacement is fine, i would do a few steps different but i think you can see enough - especially on the needed tip for the soldering iron. as for the battery wire situation - remove a section of the shielding and resolder it to the logicboard

- de

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Have had this issue with mine - so after hearing that it might be the headphone connector - i got a paperclip and fished out any dust from the headphone socket and from the power socket on the bottom. This has resolved the problem for me !

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