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El Aspire 7741Z es un portátil de Acer con una pantalla panorámica HD retroiluminada por LED de 17,3".

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Replacing internal hard drive

My external hard drive failed for the 3rd time so I would like to replace the actual internal hard drive. For this device, what type of hard drive should I buy? Is there limitations to the physical size/dimensions and hard disk capacity? What tools do I need to open and how do I go about replacing the hard drive?

Thanks in advance.

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Kat, great video on here It's a straight forward task, not to complicated. All you seem to need is a Phillips #1 or #0... remember that when you change the HDD, make a guide for the rest of us. Hope this helps, good luck.

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IFIXIT doesn't currently have a repair guide for this model. It appears someone has started the guide but didn't get a chance to finish it {how about helping us out}. It's people like you that make IFIXIT what it is.

As to the tools you'll need looking at the other Acer guides it appears you'll only need a Phillips #00 Screwdriver. But until someone documents things you might get a surprise once you get inside. You might want to get the IFIXIT tool kit with the plastic sponger tools.

As far as the HD its' self, looking at a few parts suppliers you'll need a 2.5" 9.5 mm high SATA II HD.

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